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If I told you that there has been a 100% safe, inexpensive and effective birth control available to us for thousands of years, would you believe me? In a way, it is very much true. And this method of birth control may be used by either men or women without the potentially harmful side effects associated with other forms of birth control.

In India and the surrounding region, there is a tree called Neem whose leaves, bark, leaf oil and seed oil have been studied for decades and used for dozens of minor and serious health concerns. Neem has been revered as the ‘village pharmacy’ and can be traced back to nearly 4,500 years of use.

One of neem’s many uses has come under the spotlight in more recent years, however. That particular use may well become what neem will be most widely known for throughout the world. You see, neem has been found in extensive scientific research to be a safe and very effective birth control that may be used by either men or women. And it may protect women from a wide variety of STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases), too! How exciting is that!

Since I find it very exciting that there is a completely natural birth control that a man can safely and successfully use, let’s begin there. Research has shown that male subjects, members of the Indian Army, who consumed neem leaf oil or neem seed oil via capsule for six weeks achieved 100% effectiveness, and that effectiveness continued for as long as the subjects took the neem capsules daily. Within six weeks of discontinued use, the effect wore off and was completely reversed. None of the study’s participants experienced any side effects during the study period or afterwards.

The action is due to neem’s ability to slow the motility of the sperm, preventing their ability to reach their destination and impregnate the egg. And none of those men in the study had any issues with sperm production, obstructions or loss of libido at any time.

Research also shows that neem is effective for long term birth control when a minute amount of neem seed oil is injected into the vas deferens. Researchers found that men experienced eight months of effectiveness, again without side effects.

For women, neem has been used as birth control as well. Several studies have shown its safety and effectiveness. Unlike neem’s use for birth control with men, women do not need to take the neem capsules orally. Neem oil, (preferably organic) or specially prepared creams containing a therapeutic amount of neem oil have been found to be nearly 100% effective when administered intravaginally, also with no harmful side effects. Researchers do not believe that neem’s action with women is hormonal, so it appears that it may be a very safe option for birth control for women. There have been growing concerns about the numerous side effects associated with use today’s birth control options, including the pill.

The effectiveness of neem appears to be through its spermicidal action. In fact, researchers found neem oil to kill sperm in the vaginal region within just thirty seconds, and to continue to be effective for as many as five full hours; four hours longer than many creams or gels.

Neem is well known to be a powerful antimicrobial herb. Neem oil, when applied vaginally, has been shown to be very effective against several sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s). There has been strong evidence found in a number of studies that leads us to believe that neem can be successfully used against gonorrhea, syphilis, Chlamydia, herpes simplex-2 and possibly even HIV-1. Research is underway, and more research is needed to see how neem can be of value in fighting these and other STD’s.

Neem has been used for preventing and ridding the body of excess candida without harming the beneficial bacteria naturally found in the gut or vagina. Neem leaf or neem oil taken orally, or a therapeutic cream or the pure neem leaf oil applied topically has been found to fight candida, and several other fungal infections, as well. Neem has also been used when antibiotic resistant E. coli in the urinary tract and Staphylococcus aureus have become seriously out of control.

Several isolated constituents of neem have been studied for their birth control effect, and although they were also found to work well, the neem oil in its full spectrum form has been found to be more safe and effective.

And just as researchers tested the injected oil with men, they have found that injecting a small amount of neem oil into the uterine horn generated a twelve month prevention of fertility which was found to be completely reversible. Menstrual cycles and reproductive function were returned to normal once the injections were discontinued.

Neem oil was also looked at by researchers for oral use just after conception. They found that it may even be effective as a morning after type preparation. In animal studies, it was found that when a significant amount of neem oil was given to rats ten days after implantation, all embryos were reabsorbed by the body by day fifteen. The rats had no side effects and regained fertility for their next cycle.

To read more about the health benefits of neem, please read Neem: The Ultimate Herb, Neem: India’s Miraculous Healing Plant and Neem: A Tree for Solving Global Problems.

Excellent organic neem oil, capsules and creams by Thera Neem are available from Organix South. Find them at your local health food store throughout much of Europe and the US.

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12 Responses to “The Secret to Safe and Effective Birth Control”

  1. on 27 Apr 2007 at 8:50 pm dani

    hi. i’m very interested in using neem as birth control, for both my partner (a male) and myself. do you know what forms and what dosage we should be using? i’m very eager to start a neem regimen.

    thanks so much, dani

  2. on 09 Aug 2007 at 12:08 pm Heather

    I would also like to start using Neem as a contraceptive! I have had multiple bad experiences with traditional western contraceptives (such as “the pill”). I have been using neem for some time now to control fleas and parasites in my home (I have cats, and live in South Florida), and never knew I had a safe, natural conraceptive lurking in my herbal medicine cabinet! Please give any insruction as to amounts and usage. I have the 100% oil. Thanks!!

  3. on 11 Sep 2007 at 10:50 pm Adam

    I started taking Neef Leaf Capsules in March 2007, two months before my wedding. I was taking two capsules three times a day of, I believe, 120mg of neem leaf. Long story short, our baby is due March 2nd! Haha! We are thrilled about the baby but not so much about the effectiveness of neem, or at least this particular dosage. We went into this knowing it was experimental but do be aware that this particular dosage did not work for us. Those of you wishing to ‘experiment’ like we did, allow me to suggest neem SEED oil, used as either a vaginal lubricant or in capsule form for the man. I am no doctor and please don’t take what I’m saying as science. These are simply our results. Wishing you happiness no matter the results! :)


  4. on 12 Oct 2007 at 12:02 pm Cindy Hebbard

    Dear Heather,

    I am legally unable to recommend how you should use neem; but I can share with you how it has been traditionally used by many East Indian people, as well as some of the more recent research.

    Please read the following for some more detailed information:

    Neem oil applied intravaginally, has been used by women in India, and has been studied for its effectiveness with rhesus monkeys. It is believed to be approximately as effective as some of our commonly used birth control methods without side effects and with the added benefit of preventing vaginal and sexually transmitted diseases.

    There are now a couple of neem products in the process of being approved in India that are shown to be nearly 100% effective, but it will likely be awhile before we see them here in the US.

    There is also some promising early research using a minute amount of neem oil being injected into the uterine horns to create a 12 month prevention of fertility which is completely reversible.

    Very promising, isn’t it? Thanks for writing.

  5. on 29 Oct 2008 at 12:47 pm Jaimye Cordrey


    I went to visit my wife out of the country after taking Organeem neem oil orally for 2 months. Thirty days of great sex and still no baby.

    The only problem I have with neem oil is the smell and the taste. I can handle it but my wife cannot.

    Dosage was 1 capsule size 00 per day in the morning. During signs of fertility, she matched my dose.

  6. on 06 Jan 2009 at 5:05 pm Colleen

    My partner and I used neem oil mixed with lubricant as our only form of birth control for the past year and a half. About 8 months ago my boyfriend also drank about a tablespoon. However, 2 months ago without changing anything I got pregnant. I was feeling unusually horny so maybe nature can overcome nature sometimes. Just thought I’d share. My theory is that it is best for the man to drink it – but then from what I’ve read that may only work for 6 months – so best to have him keep drinking it at regular 5-6 month intervals.

    Dear Colleen,
    Research nor traditional usage show the ways you and your partner are using need are the effective methods of birth control. Please do some more reading, as this is probably not a good area to experiment with herbal remedies. The research on neem and fertility is amazing though!
    Good luck to you.

  7. on 07 Jan 2009 at 12:51 pm Kristen

    After many years of the pill and the patch, I will no longer take hormonal birth control. My new partner and I decided to try Neem cream because condoms were causing discomfort. The cream I purchased from a health food store is called Thera Neem Leaf & Oil Cream in Original Vanilla. The smell is actually quite pleasant and the cream adds a warming/cooling sensation during sex. I would just add a small finger scoop to either or both of us before sex.

    I also used the straight neem seed oil as a morning after precaution (it does have a strong, bad smell but seemed to work). I had been willing to try Neem as our contraceptive because I sorta thought that if I ever did want to become pregnant it would be really hard for me. My previous partner and I had gone years without any birth control and no babies. However, knowing my current partner had slipped one past the goalie in the past it was best to take extra precaution.

    We used the Neem for 7 months without pulling out during ejaculation and did not get pregnant. We were still a little doubtful about whether it was the neem or if we were just taking chances, so I made an appointment for a copper IUD (also hormone free and worth looking into).

    The couple weeks before my IUD insertion procedure we got lazy and stopped using the neem. I got pregnant almost immediately. I’m now a firm believer in the effectiveness of neem used vaginally for birth control. I hope this information helps other couples in the same or similar situation.

  8. on 23 Jan 2009 at 11:00 am Joanna

    Hi Cindy!

    Oh, how promising! This is the kind of research I’ve been trying to find regarding neem.
    I’m on birth control pills — the highest dose available since I also take an epilepsy drug that lowers the pill’s effectiveness. My husband and I have no plans or desires for children, and in fact I am phobic about pregnancy. I take neem leaf capsules every day (1,000 mg) and I apply a cream containing neem oil vaginally every day in the mornings (we usually make love at night). My husband sometimes takes neem capsules as well, same dose.
    I was wondering if you knew exctly how well neem leaf capsules work on women as opposed to men? Obviously one gram is a nice, high dosage, but is it enough to really prevent a pregnancy? I’ve also heard that neem can induce miscarriage.

  9. on 04 Apr 2009 at 8:41 pm Cindy Hebbard

    Dear Joanna,

    In the post above, I mention that for men, the following has been shown to be so:
    “Research has shown that male subjects, members of the Indian Army, who consumed neem leaf oil or neem seed oil via capsule for six weeks achieved 100% effectiveness, and that effectiveness continued for as long as the subjects took the neem capsules daily.”
    and for women, I reported:
    “Neem oil, (preferably organic) or specially prepared creams containing a therapeutic amount of neem oil have been found to be nearly 100% effective when administered intravaginally, also with no harmful side effects.”

    Neem leaf capsules are good for women to take for some things, I’m certain, but they do not appear to help with female birth control.

    Hope this helps. Be well.

  10. on 12 Apr 2010 at 10:04 am Andrew

    Hi Cindy, and all,

    Thank you for finding this research and sharing it. My partner recently found it and forwarded the link to me. She’s just gotten off of birth control pills and we’ve agreed that she’ll be staying off them because of personal health concerns around artificial hormones. So naturally we’re very interested in alternatives, and will be studying up on, and beginning to take the neem capsules (me), and using the cream (her) as a method of contraception. We were also planning to combine this with the typical rhythm method and a diaphragm. Do you know of any contra-indicators?

    Looking forward to seeing this work. Will keep y’all posted. Thanks to everyone for sharing your experiences- very valuable empirical findings ;)


  11. on 11 Oct 2013 at 10:47 am Cash

    Hi Cindy,
    My husband and I live in a part of Africa where we can’t find the capsules and/or oils. But we have the Neem trees all around us. Can chewing the leaves everyday have the same effect? And in what quantity? Can the oil manually extracted from the seeds have the same effect too?
    Thank you so much for sharing this research.

  12. on 12 Oct 2013 at 6:46 pm Cindy Hebbard

    Hi there,

    From my understanding of the research, it is the leaf oil that is used. Not chewing leaves, nor the seed oil. I bet you can find a resource for leaf oil extraction. Otherwise, you might look for a web company that can ship it to you. Good luck.

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