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Healing Oneself

Healing: Becoming whole and sound; a return to health.

I believe that one can truly heal oneself. Each of us possesses an internal healer, that part of ourselves that always guides us to safety, wellness and to make wise choices that support our good health, and rejuvenation from illness and injury. We may call upon others to help us with this process, to guide us as we learn our options and help us make choices that lead to wellness and optimal health. But someone else cannot heal me. Only I can.

This instinctive healer within each of us has the ability to restore health from virtually any disease or condition, regardless of the degree or magnitude, whether the current medical system says there is a cure or not. All we need to do is call upon this part of ourselves, listen to its wisdom, the lessons it bestows and follow its instruction. We hear of self-healing miracles all the time; people who have beaten the odds and come back from the brink of death, either from injury or illness. When you listen to these people describe how they’ve done it, they report a voice or internal wisdom guiding them.

“Just breathe. Pull the air in, deeper. Let it out. Do it again, and again. You’ll be all right,” said a voice to a young man after a near-fatal car crash. The doctors had no idea how he was able to breathe on his own, but much later, he told them of the voice he heard clearly in his ear giving him instructions.

If we still have breath within us, I believe we still have the opportunity to heal. A client a few years ago came to me in the late stages of Parkinson’s disease. His adoring wife guided him into my classroom for the first time and as I saw how far his health had deteriorated from this dreaded condition, even I had doubts about his ability to heal.

For his benefit, I provided that self-healing series with a special emphasis on detoxifying the nervous system. We consulted between classes and after the program, fine-tuning their choices of healing foods, how to use the purest, most beneficial herbal remedies for the greatest benefit, and lifestyle choices to support his wellness. The couple noticed immediately that the progression of his symptoms had seemed to halt. His wife said she saw improvements in his walk, his ability to control his hands and hold onto objects. At first, these changes were modest.

Eventually, I moved away and we lost touch, but they continued on the program, which is the goal of my teaching. I thought of this loving couple often, and finally called and spoke to them four years later. The wife was excited to hear my voice and she told me that they thanked me every day for the support and guidance I had offered to them when everyone else had written Joe off. She continued, “You told us that it could take awhile to get the toxin load down and to repair the damaged organs and cells. Well, you were right. After about a year and a half, Joe and I noticed that he was nearly symptom free. He’d occasionally have little setbacks, but we continued on with everything you taught us. For the last three years, when Joe meets new people, they have no idea whatsoever that he even has Parkinson’s.” I smiled and felt warmth and gratitude inside for being able to share these simple gifts of healing.

We both took a long deep breath and then she added “We bless the day we met you before each meal and every night before we retire to bed, for all your good work with people like us. The difference you’ve made in our lives…” Her voice trailed off. “We’ve had so many joyful experiences these last few years together.”

“You both did all the work,” I told her.

“But you showed us the way, and guided us to make better choices,” she countered.

I said, “I am very grateful everything has gone so well for you both.” Inside, I felt very emotional, tingling, feeling those blessings were reaching all of my cells. Stories like these are why I continue to do this work.

Healing can come through many actions including general spiritual and lifestyle practices, as well as specific healing strategies and tactics. Sometimes, healing comes through prayer, tending beautiful gardens, a loving partner’s reassurances and always through cleansing the body of accumulated toxins, excess inflammation and chronic pain. We may need to look outside ourselves to find a teacher or health professional to assist us, to lead us to follow a path that fits into our belief system and our busy schedules. But at the end of the day, only I can heal my body, mind and spirit.

In the last one hundred years, we as a society have given over our ability to heal ourselves to doctors and the current medical system. We have lost our capacity to listen to our inner guide, to distinguish the inner voice from the mind chatter that fills most peoples’ heads, leading to feelings of anxiety and doubt.

As a child, I experienced chronic pain virtually every day, mostly in my knees and fingers and always worse just before stormy weather. Doctors implied I was crazy and trying to get attention by imitating some of the elders in my life who had arthritis. Decades later, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA) is a known medical condition affecting more than 50,000 children in the US. Only alternative doctors, chiropractors, osteopaths and the like recognized JRA as a real medical condition back then.

I had other auto-immune conditions, including Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) by age 7½, and terrible eczema over much of my body by age 8. My teenage years brought migraines, digestive problems and increasing pain syndromes. Doctors offered little compassion and few options. After I began to sprain my ankles every two or three months, the rebel in me decided that I was going to find my own solutions for healing my body and mind forever.

I met a young aspiring herbalist at our local health food store who told me how I could repair my sprained ankle and help prevent the recurrences. It worked; I was onto something! (For the full account of this story, please visit: My Introduction to Healing Herbs) That experience led me to read many books in the early to mid-seventies about healing myself through natural and herbal remedies, and I’ve never turned back. When I took my herbal apprenticeship in the mid-1990’s, it felt as though I had taken the hundreds of fragments of information I’d gathered in the previous decades and stitched them together into a most beautiful and useful quilt. (For guys, the analogy might be taking hundreds of machine parts and building an engine.)

The current medical system is great at diagnostics and for emergency care, but when it comes to chronic conditions, their approach seems to be to throw lots of medications at the problem, often with little success for helping the patient actually feel better. Creating “wellness” is not even in the repertoire of most medical practices.

Drawing out that innate healer from within, providing the tools for reestablishing vital cells and taking good care of our ‘selves’ seems to produce greater results at a lower cost and often with long-term health restored and vitality returned. If you ask me, this is the kind of healthcare reform we really need in the world.

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One Response to “Healing Oneself”

  1. on 28 Jun 2011 at 8:40 pm Lauren Freed

    Hi Cindy,

    Not sure how this all works but I would like to learn more about the body’s innate wisdom to heal itself particularly with regards to chronic conditions like Follicular Lymphoma.

    Thank you

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