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Wisdom of Healing School of Herbalism and Self-Healing
offers education to support the health, well being and restoration from illness and injury in our communities by providing education about the use of healing foods, herbal remedies, nutritional supplements and our options for self, family, society and pets to travel a healing and peaceful path through the responsible use of what Mother Nature grows for us on this planet.

Nature provides us with everything we need for vibrant health.

What is the healing process?

Healing: Becoming whole and sound; a return to health.

I believe that one can truly heal oneself. Each of us possesses an internal healer, that part of ourselves that always guides us to safety, wellness and to make wise choices that support our good health and rejuvenation from illness and injury. We may call upon others to help us with this process, to guide us as we learn our options and help us make choices that lead to wellness and optimal health. But someone else cannot heal me. Only I can.

This instinctive healer within each of us has the ability to restore health from virtually any disease or condition, regardless of the degree or magnitude, whether the current medical system says there is a cure or not. All we need to do is call upon this part of ourselves, our internal healer, our connection to the ancient wisdom of our ancestors and the collective whole, listen to its wisdom, the lessons it bestows and follow its instruction. When we ask, we will find our teachers to help lead the way.

We hear of self-healing miracles all the time; people who have beaten the odds and come back from the brink of death, either from injury or illness. When you listen to these people describe how they’ve done it, they report a voice or internal wisdom guiding them. This is the voice I speak of. We may move forward on our path to wellness of body, mind and spirit. It is only when we experience balance within our whole self that we have true health and vitality.

Program Details:
The Wisdom of Healing School of Herbalism and Self-Healing is an herbal apprenticeship and wellness education certificate program. It is designed for health practitioners, body and energy work practitioners or laypeople with an interest in understanding and achieving optimal health for themselves and their families through the use of the foods, plants and nature’s broad range of medicinal offerings. Our focus will be on local plants and nourishing options from around the world with the greatest benefits according to the latest research.

The program is comprised of 12-parts. This season, we will meet in July for Levels One and Two, for four or eight days, and Level Three of the program will be offered in August 2011 and again in summer of 2012. Each morning, we will meet for classroom studies, and after lunch, we will go into the woods, fields and brook and river shore to practice what we learned. We will meet in the center of town in Brattleboro, VT. Rustic tent camping is included in the cost of the program.  Optional evening activities will be planned, and all are welcome. Hotels, campgrounds and short-term apartment or room rentals are conveniently located in and near town. We are:

  • 102 miles from Boston,
  • 85 miles from Hartford, CT
  • 204 miles from NYC

Wisdom of Healing School of Herbalism and Self-Healing, a 12-part comprehensive wellness training program, is divided into three modules:

In the first four sessions, we’ll focus on self-healing:

Part one: An overview of holistic healing, media myths, prevention, the whole person

Part two: Healing the digestive tract- the foundation of vibrant health

Part three: Full body purification- cleansing toxins from organs, tissues & cells

Part four: Homeostasis- A body in balance- preventing disease in the 21st century

In the next four sessions, our focus is on healing the family:

Part five: the mind-body connection- healing the nervous system

Part six: Women’s health- hormonal balance at every stage of life

Part seven: Cardiovascular health- inc heart, stroke, varicose veins, men’s issue

Part eight: Children’s health- babies, children and teen, young adult concerns

In the final four sessions, we move toward healing our communities:

Part nine: Clinical assessment and counseling skills

Part ten: Medicine making intensive-formulating tinctures, extracts, elixirs

Part eleven: Making powerful medicines to apply topically- the medicine kit

Part twelve: Weaving it all together- Healing self, family, community. Finding opportunities in herbalism.

During the course of the program, you will gain a whole new perspective about keeping yourself and your family healthy at any age. You will learn about and practice growing, drying, processing, and creating beautiful, effective herbal products for supporting wellness and vitality for life.

The Wisdom of Healing School of Herbalism and Self-Healing program will include:
daily classroom talks, outdoor class time and practicum projects, from 10 AM to 4 PM. (Dates are being confirmed. Please check back in the next few days.)

Attendance at all 12 units is required for the certificate of completion. (Participants may make up any missed classes on a future date whenever that topic is offered.) Mornings will be spent in the classroom. Afternoons, we will practice hands-on learning. This will include field trips to local farms, an herbalist’s laboratory, holistic product business operations, a natural health clinic, a state forest, park and other natural areas.

We will practice ethical wildcrafting, observe organic and biodynamic growing and processing of herbs, experience sacred plant medicine, and learn about many of the business practices and opportunities for herbalists. The program will be taught primarily by Cindy Hebbard, and includes guest herbalists from the region speaking or assisting with demonstrations, to provide a broader scope of information for participants.

Cost of the 12-part program is $1495; this includes all classes, workshops, practicum and support materials for completion of the Wisdom of Healing School of Herbalism and Self Healing program. Each 4-part module may be attended and paid for separately, at a cost of $525. All participants will have as much time as necessary to complete their homework and other course requirements.
A $100 non-refundable deposit will hold your space in the program.
Advanced registration: Those who pay in full by Friday, July 1, 2011, will receive a $70 discount.
Payment plan options and work study scholarships will be available for folks with serious financial need.

Participants will learn to:

- use nourishing, healing foods and herbal remedies to improve health, vitality, clarity and wellness of body, mind and spirit.
- prepare and use herbs and supplements to repair the damage done to the body’s organs, tissues and cells in chronic illness.
- identify, ethically harvest, grow, and formulate your own herbal preparations for home or business use.
- deepen your knowledge and understanding of the uses of plants and nature for food and medicine now and through the centuries.
- develop your intuitive wisdom for self-healing and for supporting others’ needs.

Upon completion of the 12 educational units, all homework, and the final exam (a combination of practical projects and a basic understanding of how herbs and foods heal us), participants of The Wisdom of Healing School of Herbalism and Self-Healing you will receive a beautiful certificate of completion.

We hope you join us as you explore your path to vibrant healing. or 866-755-9290 toll-free  to enroll or for more information.
The Wisdom of Healing School of Herbalism and Self-Healing

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